Landmark Collection - Camel Milk Chocolate.

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Ajmarah is the ultimate indulgence with finest Arabian Camel Milk chocolate.

Ajmarah is a true representation of the Arabic blend of pure ingredients, an ultimate ode to quality. Make Ajmarah a part of your sweet celebrations or gift it as a momento of your Arabian travel.

It is Arabian hospitality at its very best.

Gift authentic local made Camelmilk chocolate presented in all the Landmarks from the United Arab Emirates.

The world has finally come to reckon the wide array of benefits of Camel Milk. We at Nomadic Camel completely agree to the high nutritional content which is helpful to make the human body stronger and eliminate even life-threatening diseases.

 In our effort to make Camel Milk reach the world we gave birth to Ajmarah chocolates. Chocolates universally symbolize celebration, comfort and indulgence. Around the globe chocolates have been associated with spreading love, warmth and happiness. With our secret chocolate recipe with Camel Milk we wish to reach out to the world spreading the love from the Arabic heritage.