Ramadan Gifting - Generous Love

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Share the joy of Ramadan with Generous Love gift set

Our generous love gift set is for friends and family who have been a part of your lives and that need your display of affection.

This gift set contains:

Camel Wool Fine Luxury Shawls - available in Red, Merlot, Green, and Brown

The flattery texture of the light wool combined with a soft and fluffy structure leaves nothing to be desired. Camel Wool comes with comfort and elegance creating a subtle understatement.

 Arabian Argan Oil 

Arabian Argan Oil with Camel Milk infusion for head to toe norishment for youthful and bright skin

Ajmarah Assorted Date Box 

Ajmarah dates are grown in a natural, optimal environment that ensures superior taste and quality. Encourage healthy eating habits amongst your friends and family by giving a box full of healthy dates from Ajmarah.
We use Premium Quality Majdool Jumbo Dates with various filling.
Assorted Fillings include - Orange Peel, Almond, Pistachios Sliced, Plain
Each Box is approximately 650 gm

Camel Gold, Camel Milk Soap

Camel Gold is a luxury handmade soap with Camel Milk and all natural ingredients. Camel Milk is used for its many unique and amazing beauty properties.