Ramadan Gifting - Auspicious Gift Set

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Share the joy of Ramadan with Auspicious Gift Set

Our Auspicious gift set is a true symbol of love and sharing in this auspicious month with your near and dear.

This gift set contains:

Ajmarah Assorted Chocolate Box 

Our Ramadan collection with stunning designs and a selection of diverse chocolates . . It’s a balance of modern luxury, refined timelessness, and delectable chocolate flavours. Assorted chocolates with various fillings. (Contains nuts) 

Each Box is approximately 650 gm

Ajmarah Premium Luxury Dates

Ajmarah dates are grown in a natural, optimal environment that ensures superior taste and quality. Encourage healthy eating habits amongst your friends and family by giving a box full of healthy dates from Ajmarah.We use Premium Quality Mabroom and Safawi Dates

Each Box is approximately 350 gm

Arabian Argan Oil 

Arabian Argan Oil with Camel Milk infusion for head to toe norishment for youthful and bright skin

Camel Gold, Camel Milk Soap

Camel Gold is a luxury handmade soap with Camel Milk and all natural ingredients. Camel Milk is used for its many unique and amazing beauty properties.

Camel Delights

Unique product that has combined Camel Milk Chocolate with Dates with Almond. We would not be wrong in saying that this is the world’s best and most delicious Super Food.